sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012


"It was dark when the day began
A million stars had died and shone upon the world
and now nothing shone
The sun was hidden behind a thick, impenetrable cloud
There was no dew and the birds were no longer singing out
In fact nothing made a sound
The milkman completed his round
But he made no sound
His float, a gliding white phantom down the suburban streets
The cul de sacs where young lovers meet
Where families grow and people die
The middle class, the great divide
The silence suddenly ended
A torrent of televisions suddenly switching on
But still nothing shone
There was still no sign, no flicker from the ever present sun
And if the birds don't sing, then has the day even begun?
No birds not a single one
Children wake, a day full of fun
But no birds, not a single one
There was no blackbird, no skylark, no robin and no wren
The songs that pierce the hearts of us men
Did they die like the stars with one last cry
An angelic encore
A beautiful sigh"

~Charlie Hemphrey

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