quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012


Tenho muita pena de não lhes ter ligado nenhuma quando estavam no activo. Este álbum é uma pérola!

terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012


Let the music "Swallow Us"...


"Like indecision to call you
and hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop the pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight"

Sempre gostei destes gajos!


Regine Olsen


"I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice. I join you in this meeting because I'm in deepest agreement with the aims and work of the organization which has brought us together.[1]

We as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.[2]

We still have a choice today, non-violent coexistence or violent co-annihilation.

If we do not act we shall surely be dragged down the long dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.

Now let us begin...

An invisible book of light... with a lost opportunity.

We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with a lost opportunity.


Together... Together.


Together. "

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012


Lightning Strikes....fascinate me!


...os dias passaram.

por cá,
ainda vagueia.

Com o ar alheado de quem está atento a tudo. 

Mas ele não está cá.
Ele foi. 

escondido, levou-o.
Não todo!
Só a uma parte.
A que quis,
mas que mais ninguém sabe que existe. 

Agora é dela. 

Mas no fundo, nem ela o sabe. 

Ele...continua por cá.
Não todo! a outra parte.

A que sorri enquanto vagueia, 
como se ele todo,
ainda estivesse cá....


sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012


"They don't understand, they don't know what you mean"


"Refuse demands throwing fists
Head in the sand where you don't exist
Freed like a discarded fish
Unprofitable, too old to learn new tricks

Fear the cold exteriors
Tall shadows, Surveillance
Fear the scent, the lukewarm breath
Clench your toes and bite your tongue"


...thank you guys!

"The concrete broke your fall
To hear you speak of it
I'd have done anything
I would do anything
I feel like a cartoon brick wall
To hear you speak of it
You've been so sad
It makes me worry
Why not smile?
You've been sad for a while
Why not smile?
I would do anything
To hear you speak of it
Why not smile?
You've been sad for a while
You've been sad for a while"



"....this fame thing, I don't get it.

...this star thing, I don't get it.

will you ever welcome me?
will you show me something that nobody else has seen?
smoke it, drink
here comes the flood
anything to thin the blood
these corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet
phone, eat it, drink
just another chink
cuts and dents, they catch the light
aluminium, the weakest link

...the smell of fear, I got it"


Stuck into a wave

Surfing on my pain

Storm will never end

And you're like a fish into my vein.

quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012


"A cidade está deserta,
E alguém escreveu o teu nome em toda a parte:
Nas casas, nos carros, nas pontes, nas ruas.
Em todo o lado essa palavra
Repetida ao expoente da loucura!
Ora amarga! Ora doce!
Pra nos lembrar que o amor é uma doença,
Quando nele julgamos ver a nossa cura!"


...they say! 


"There's a magic inside
Just waiting to burst out
The world is a goldmine
That will melt tomorrow

Living for, living for a thrill
Just waiting
Just waiting"


Para a mana

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012


"Oh won't you lie with me? The sun passes over
So if the sky may fall we wait here we stand
So close they come and go. They'll take me away
So close I feel it now. This one final day"


"Time is disgraceful,
We’re all just watching these days fall apart,
And silence seems wasteful
When I know what’s coming for me in the dark.

‘cause I am young, again
Thanks a lot.
I’ll be young again,
Round round."


The rainy days are on standby...

domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012


e se...

o melhor estiver ainda para vir?
Tem que estar, temos ainda o sangue na guelra,
não temos?

E o que já foi...já foi. Foi bom? Foi o que foi,
 e foi melhor assim.
É que o melhor, esse, ainda está para vir.

Haja vontade de nos levantarmos de novo e caminhar, por aí...Uma vez, duas vezes, trez vezes, as vezes  que forem precisas.

afinal nos ainda temos o sangue a ferver, e o melhor,

esse ainda está para vir!


sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012


Like a moth to a flame...


"Sometimes people fuck up
And then you have to give them another chance,
So that they can change and become a better person.

They can change.
I have a neurological condition, don’t you get that?
There’s something wrong with my brain."


"Yeah, pace is the trick
And to all the destruction in man"

sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012


"The accompanying short animated film, produced by Luke Jurevicius and directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment, is about a lost girl's journey through a surreal landscape, and her yearning to make a connection in this distant yet strangely familiar world."


‎"One of these days they will destroy this fucking town..."

quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012


"Is there any way
To get this weight off my skin
And find another one
Is there anyone
To get this writing off the wall
And find a new one
And find..."

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012


"We were just informed that our van has a shot transmission, and the only option available to us is to spend 1400 dollars on a used transmission.
We'd be here for a couple days, which means I obviously won't make it back to work on time,
and which means I'm going to be completely, utterly flat broke, or in debt. But we have no choice, and this Astro 2000 (the van) is now officially…

Our van was making some funny noises as we were driving into Syracuse, and we took it to the mechanic today and they told us that our transmission was shot, and that it would cost anywhere from 1500 to 2500 dollars to fix it.
And we're in Syracuse, like, thousands of miles away from home and we have 40 dollars in the van fund...we're fucked."

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012


And what is good for me???


"There are no rules for attraction! Love and passion are different sides of the same coin!"


We ARE Infinite...


Then you light a cigarette
Then you tell me no regrets
You never had a better then
You really know your work
Then you light a cigarette
Then you give your work

You forgot....i really like to think!!!!


"The Sirens might be called the Muses of the lower world, Walter Copland Perry observed: "Their song, though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption."[12] Their song is continually calling on Persephone. The term "siren song" refers to an appeal that is hard to resist but that, if heeded, will lead to a bad conclusion."

in Wikipedia

Irresistiveis essas sereias, que me poe a navegar a deriva....


maybe not for Felix!

segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012


The softest hearts break when the deed is done. Patiently wait for new days to come. Wake and rise to write another song. Our innocence yields when we do it alone. The exodus begins now. I'll travel 'round and find you once more. You're reaching out less than before, but I know you're there.


Autumn is definitely here. If you fail to spot the leaves on the ground, the darkness, the cold and the rain will make sure you don’t miss it.  


Pois não.

Ninguém sabe de mais ninguém, nunca...


Um bom voice mail para chamadas de publicidade :)


...silent shout...


In Wikipedia

"Agent Orange is the combination of the code names for Herbicide Orange (HO) and Agent LNX, one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.[1] The Red Cross of Vietnamestimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange.[2]

A 50:50 mixture of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, it was manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily byMonsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical. The 2,4,5-T used to produce Agent Orange was later discovered to be contaminated with 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD), an extremely toxic dioxin compound. It was given its name from the color of the orange-striped 55 US gallon (208 l) barrels in which it was shipped, and was by far the most widely used of the so-called "Rainbow Herbicides".[3]"


....from outer space!!!!!!!!!!


"Quand Sigur Rós joue, les volcans islandais font silence"


"We'd like to take the sights
(That's why I hold you)
And bring silence in disguise
(That's why I hold you, dear)
And we'd like to meet the buyer
(That's why I hold you)
That is on your life"


no sounds....please!!!!!!!!!


welcome, once again! How long will u stay?


"So when your hopes on fire
But you know your desire
Don't hold a glass over the flame
Don't let your heart grow cold
I will call you by name
I will share your road

Hold me fast, Hold me fast
Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer
Hold me fast, Hold me fast
Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer"


"Step down, just once learn how to be alone
Step down, just once learn how to be alone
Come get what's lost, what's left before it's gone"

domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012


Ao tempo que não ouvia isto. Lembro-me bem do dia em que fomos limpar a casa do Carlos (praxes) e dei com esta pérola. Foi uma boa desculpa para deixar as meninas a limpar enquanto vasculhava a colecção de cds :)


-Paixão ou amor?-pergunta-lhe ela.

-Paixão...porque o Amor é uma droga. Das más, que te remoi. Injusta...
E e efémero. O meu. 

- A Paixão tb! 

-Sim eu sei, mas éssa dura para sempre.  A minha...- diz ele de olhar perdido na luz que se perde na escuridão do quarto, 
que é a dele. 
Deles. Porque  também  ela está perdida, 
Por ele.

- Sim, a paixão dura para sempre,
a minha, 
por ti!

E ela perde-se nele, outra vez. É sempre a ultima vez...


sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012


"Now we're apart.
Though not through choice.
Do we stay mute?
Or raise our voice?"


"Take my prize
taste myself
the wonders days,
it's fine"


"Our history will be what we make of it
And if there are any historians about fifty or a hundred years from now
And there should be preserved the kinescopes for one week of all three networks
They will there find recorded in black and white and in colour
Evidence of decadence, escapism, and insulation from the realities of the world in which we live

We are currently wealthy, fat, comfortable and complacent
We have a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information, our mass media reflect this
But unless we get up off our fat surpluses
And recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us
And history will take its revenge and retribution will not limp in catching up with us.

It may be that he human race is doomed never to learn from its mistakes
We are the only animal on this globe who periodically set out to slaughter each other
For the best, the noblest, the most inescapable of reasons
We know better but we do it again and again, in generation after generation
It may be that our empire too is doomed like all those that have gone before it
To continue to spill and waste its best blood on foreign soil
No matter what we say or do in its place, or think, or believe, or have learned from history
But, thank God for us"



"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country." ~Anaïs Nin

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012


"What's my view?
Well how am I supposed to know?
Write a review
Well how objective can I be?

I like to wait to see how things turn out
If you apply some pressure

What happens when you lose everything
you just start again
you start all over again"


One day the Sun will shine brighter than ever before...


"On every street every car every surface a name
Tonight the streets are ours
And we're writing and saying
Don't let em take control
No we won't let em take control
Yes I feel a little bit nervous
Yes I feel nervous and I cannot relax
How come they're out to get us
How come they're out when they don't know the facts"

terça-feira, 9 de outubro de 2012


" ...protege-me. Proteges?

Mas só, do que não posso, não do que não quero.

Porque o que eu quero eu posso, e não é isso que eu quero. "



Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing...


No One Died This Time!


"The more you take to yourself
The more you take it away"


What would you do if you lost your beauty?
How would you deal with the light?
How would you feel if nobody chased you?
What if it happened tonight?

Girl, not women. You dance for people to watch you.....you are all about getting attention, but there is not much inside. Not for them at least!

What if you lived in a world where you have lost attention: what if you lost your looks. 
Your superficial world would come crashing down: no attention, no guys chasing you, nobody watching you dance.....

You cannot stand the truth and call it a lie. 

And though the words are just mean't to hurt, she is denying it all.

She always does...Her world isn't my world!


Apesar de me mover, muitas vezes pouco, poucas vezes a todo o vapor, o mundo permanece quieto, imutavel, como se nada do que eu faca o incomode.

So se move quando eu paro, para o contemplar. 

E assim nao vale...fodasse!

segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012


The crimson sunset


Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.


enlightened....is that good?

It seems more like a curse to me...

domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012


-Eles não te amam da mesma maneira que eu...


-ou amam?


-não, mas o teu dói...

-mas é real. Tão real como estarmos aqui, agora...É a realidade que dói.

-mas a minha realidade não é a tua, não entendes.

-não, não entendo...


-E então, ficamos com o aqui e agora?- diz ele com um sorriso."



Second Song

"Confidence and ignorance approved me
Define my day today
I've tried so hard to shut it down, lock it up
Gently walk away

Appetites and impulses confuse me
Decide my day, today
Now my body says it's over
Shaking hands move to tear my face away

And when the night comes I'm fiending like a pyrale
And I know stables my survival
When there's music all around me and I haven't got a single word to say

And then the light shines
It's gleaming like a bottle
And lord knows I tackeled it full throttle
May I illuminate the nameless faceless saints of this out and open grace

Every lover on a mission shift your known position into the light
Every diamond elemental you are instrumental to the light
Every sonic evolution make your contribution to the light
Every lover on a mission shift your known position to the light

Oh body mine please leave behind
And I'll do you one better
While you define
Your heartless time
I'll defend my love forever

Every lover on a mission shift your known position into the light
Every diamond elemental you are instrumental to the light
Every sonic evolution make your contribution to the light
Every glorious disaster every bond is gonna bring you faster out into the light"

by TV on the Radio

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2012



Karma in Indian religions is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh religions.


"Cause we are all children
Yeah we are all man
It may not be much
But we do what we can

Don't need no preacher
To make us believe
That everything's perfectly
Fucked up like me"


"Because they can’t stop this
We can feel it in our bones
We can feel it in our
We can feel it in our
The future’s ours, yes it is
We can feel it in our bones
We can feel it in our
We can feel it in our bones"

terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012


"Hey man, slow down. Slow down.
Idiot, slow down. Slow down."


"Drag your blanket blindly
Fill your heart with smoke
And the first thing that you want
Will be the last thing you ever need
That's how you fight it

Just smile all the time"

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012


"Well, you know, so much of the time we're just lost
We say, "Please, God, tell us what is right, tell us what is true"
I mean, there is no justice
The rich win, the poor are powerless
We become tired of hearing people lie
And after a time we become dead, a little dead
We think of ourselves as victims, and we become victims
We become, we become
We become weak, we doubt ourselves, we doubt our beliefs, and we doubt the law
But today you are the law"


an ode to Autumn!