quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012


"But nothing ever stays the same
Nothing's explained
Lose no more time
No time
Cause it's been fun"

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012


"Suffer that
Suffer that a while
But hold on
Until your chest explodes
(What's right is right...)"

segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012


Com estes olhos,
que sao lentes,

Uma realidade estranha,
a qual nao me habituo.

essas lentes,

E essa realidade estranha,
a qual nao me habituo,

E o que vejo entao?

Uma realidade desfocada,
por lentes que nao controlo,
e ja filtrada.

Dessa nao gosto, nao quero,
mas vejo.

E aos poucos habituo-me,e
no fundo,
e mesmo essa que desejo...


sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012


"All successful people men and women are big dreamers. 
They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, 
and then they work every day toward their distant vision, 
that goal or purpose."

Brian Tracy

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012


"It's in my honey, it's in my milk

Don't leave my hyper heart alone on the water
Cover me in rag and bone sympathy
'cos I don't wanna get over you
I don't wanna get over you"

sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012


"Relax David,

Open your eyes!"


"If the wheels jump off the road,
There’s no widows left to know,
No perfect love above,
No punishment below.

When they shake, say the wings won’t break.
When they shake, say the wings won’t break."

quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012


"Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacle s, discouragement s, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. "

Thomas Carlyle



"I heard about this frog
It's a very tiny frog
But it's also very special
You can only find it in the jungle
So far away from me
But if you find it and if you touch it
Your world can change forever

If you touch its skin
You can feel your body changing
And your vision also
And blue becomes red and red becomes blue
And your mommy suddenly becomes your daddy
And everything looks like a giant cupcake

And you keep laughing and laughing and laughing
Nothing is ever quite the same really
And after you finish laughing
It's time to turn into a frog yourself
It's very funny to be a frog
You can dive into the water
And cross the rivers and the oceans
And you can jump all the time and everywhere
Do you want to play with me?

We can be a whole group of friends
A whole group of frogs
Jumping into the streets
Jumping into the planet
Climbing up the buildings
Swimming in the lakes and in the bathtubs
We would be hundreds, thousands, millions
The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen
Jumping and laughing forever
It would be great, right?"

quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012


"Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide

No time
No time

There's no end
There is no goodbye
With the night

No time
No time"


" I hear voices,

but they are my own"


"And did you know...

I never thought that you'd lose that light in your eyes"

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012


"Impossible. Your love is something I cannot remember.
And there's a first time and a second time, you've got to hold on.
Did you know it could happen to you?
Your love is something I cannot remember."


"Always and forevermore
I call to say I'm on the way
2000 years remain in a trash can
Let burn the cigarette somewhere
Ashes till it fall, fall, falls

I stand outside under broken leaves"


Whats the price of love?

Is this?


"I'm the next act
Waiting in the wings
I'm an animal
Trapped in your hot car

I am all the days
That you choose to ignore
You are all I need
You’re all I need"


i keep searching for it,
wondering if i would ever get there.

Set ur mind for no control. In the end its the journey, not destination....

The truth lies in path we leave behind!


Lauren, wait. Hey, wait. Lauren.

“Oh my god.”

Get in the car.


Lauren, don’t walk- Hey! I really did try to kill myself! Just before I faked it.

“Wow. Shawn it’s over.”

No it’s not!

“Ya it is. I’m in love with somebody else.”


“My old boyfriend Victor, and that’s none of your fuckin’ business, actually!”

(scornful laugh) What? Fuckin’ Victor?


(incomprehensible) What... the fuck are you write me letters?

“Wow. Deal with it Shawn. It’s over. Rock n’ roll.”

Lauren, I wanna know you.

“What does that mean? Know me. Know me. Nobody knows anyone else, ever!”


Can u?

Save me?

segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012


Do u see the faceless phantoms???


...-tenho saudades!- diz-lhe ele,como se ela ainda ali estivesse .

Para ele,ela está ali,
sempre .
Com aquele sorriso sincero, mas atrevido.
De miúda, como ele.

Mas ela não responde. Ela não responde nunca.


Tudo, intensamente!

Ela sabe sempre o que ele sente, sabes...Ela também é como ele.
Ela também sabe que ele
não precisa de dizer nada

Mas ele diz sempre. Tudo! Honestamente.
E ela ouve,
mas não precisa. Ela sente.

Ela sente...lá longe. Ela também ainda sente.

E ele sorri. Momentaneamente...

Como se ela ainda ali estivesse.
Naquela sala vazia, sem ninguém ver.

Ali, onde só existem eles,
Ela recua, tensa!

Ele sente, novamente.

E senta-se, à espera dela.
Afinal, para ela, há sempre tempo...
É que o tempo,
com ela,
muda completamente.

Ela,sem sorrir, avança. Finalmente. Como sempre.

E lentamente,
Encosta-se a ele.
Como se ele, pacientemente
ainda ali estivesse.

E eles, abraçados fundem-se.


Ali na sala vazia onde,
ainda sentem.

Ainda tudo.


domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

sábado, 1 de dezembro de 2012


De estocolmo com amor!


‎"No wrong or right
Just do whatever you like
No bliss, no light
Tell me it's all just a lie
You can't scare me none
I'm still the lucky one"