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"Why Do You Think In Sadness?"


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Pulse (signal processing)

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In signal processing, the term pulse has the following meanings:
  1. A rapid, transient change in the amplitude of a signal from a baseline value to a higher or lower value, followed by a rapid return to the baseline value.
  2. A rapid change in some characteristic of a signal, e.g., phase or frequency, from a baseline value to a higher or lower value, followed by a rapid return to the baseline value.[1]

Examples of pulse shapes: 
(a)rectangular pulse
(b) cosine squared (raised cosine) pulse, 
(c) Dirac pulse,
 (d)sinc pulse
(e) Gaussian pulse


"I am a recovering addict,



i relapse..."


Não devia ser eu a por isto aqui...mas pronto!

De estocolmo, com amor! <3

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"3 travellers, 3 Packs, 1 Wagon

Our journey through the North during the summer and fall of 2013. The north has forever changed my perception of beauty and nature."

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"We're never growing old
We are making moments..."



 noun \dis-ˈklō-zhər\
: the act of making something known : the act of disclosing something
: something (such as information) that is made known or revealed : something that is disclosed

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"Just when you thought you would turn all your lights out it shines
Some days all you need is one good thought strong in your mind..."

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"... this is no longer a nation of independent individuals.
It's a nation of some 200-odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter-that-white, steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings, and as replaceable as piston rods...
Well, the time has come to say, is dehumanization such a bad word. Because good or bad, that's what is so.
The whole world is becoming humanoid - creatures that look human but aren't. The whole world not just us.
We're just the most advanced country, so we're getting there first...

So, you listen to me. Listen to me: Television is not the truth! Television is a God-damned amusement park!
Television is a circus, a carnival, a travelling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, side-show freaks, lion tamers, and football players.
We're in the boredom-killing business!
So if you want the truth... Go to God! Go to your gurus! Go to yourselves! Because that's the only place you're ever going to find any real truth.

... We deal in illusions, man! None of it is true! But you people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds... We're all you know.
You're beginning to believe the illusions we're spinning here. You're beginning to think that the tube is reality, and that your own lives are unreal.
You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube!
This is mass madness, you maniacs! In God's name, you people are the real thing! We are the illusion!
So turn off your television sets. Turn them off now. Turn them off right now. Turn them off and leave them off!
Turn them off right in the middle of the sentence I'm speaking to you now! TURN THEM OFF!

... Because less than three percent of you people read books...
... the only truth you know is what you get over this tube.
Right now, there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything..."

~ Howard Beale (Network, 1976)

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"Não sei por onde vou,
Não sei para onde vou
- Sei que não vou por aí!"

"Vem por aqui" - dizem-me alguns com os olhos doces 
Estendendo-me os braços, e seguros 
De que seria bom que eu os ouvisse 
Quando me dizem: "vem por aqui!" 
Eu olho-os com olhos lassos, 
(Há, nos olhos meus, ironias e cansaços) 
E cruzo os braços, 
E nunca vou por ali... 

A minha glória é esta: 
Criar desumanidade! 
Não acompanhar ninguém. 
- Que eu vivo com o mesmo sem-vontade 
Com que rasguei o ventre à minha mãe 

Não, não vou por aí! Só vou por onde 
Me levam meus próprios passos... 

Se ao que busco saber nenhum de vós responde 
Por que me repetis: "vem por aqui!"? 

Prefiro escorregar nos becos lamacentos, 
Redemoinhar aos ventos, 
Como farrapos, arrastar os pés sangrentos, 
A ir por aí... 

Se vim ao mundo, foi 
Só para desflorar florestas virgens, 
E desenhar meus próprios pés na areia inexplorada! 
O mais que faço não vale nada. 

Como, pois sereis vós 
Que me dareis impulsos, ferramentas e coragem 
Para eu derrubar os meus obstáculos?... 
Corre, nas vossas veias, sangue velho dos avós, 
E vós amais o que é fácil! 
Eu amo o Longe e a Miragem, 
Amo os abismos, as torrentes, os desertos... 

Ide! Tendes estradas, 
Tendes jardins, tendes canteiros, 
Tendes pátria, tendes tectos, 
E tendes regras, e tratados, e filósofos, e sábios... 
Eu tenho a minha Loucura ! 
Levanto-a, como um facho, a arder na noite escura, 
E sinto espuma, e sangue, e cânticos nos lábios... 

Deus e o Diabo é que guiam, mais ninguém. 
Todos tiveram pai, todos tiveram mãe; 
Mas eu, que nunca principio nem acabo, 
Nasci do amor que há entre Deus e o Diabo. 

Ah, que ninguém me dê piedosas intenções! 
Ninguém me peça definições! 
Ninguém me diga: "vem por aqui"! 
A minha vida é um vendaval que se soltou. 
É uma onda que se alevantou. 
É um átomo a mais que se animou... 
Não sei por onde vou, 
Não sei para onde vou 
- Sei que não vou por aí! 

José Régio, in 'Poemas de Deus e do Diabo'

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the weapon. For other uses, see Crossbow (disambiguation).

Sketch by Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1500

A crossbow is a type of bow consisting of a horizontal limb assembly mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles, called bolts orquarrels. The medieval crossbow was called by many names, most of which derived from the word ballista, a torsion engine resembling a crossbow in appearance.[1]

Historically, crossbows played a significant role in the warfare of East Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. The invention of the crossbow caused a major shift in the role of ranged weaponry among armies, as the traditional bow and arrow had long been a specialized weapons system which required a considerable degree of lifetime training, physical strength and expertise to operate with any degree of efficiency; in many cultures, despite being usually drawn from the common class, bowmen were considered a separate and superior caste, as theirarchery skill-set (similar to many horseman cultures) was essentially developed from birth and impossible to reproduce outside a pre-established cultural tradition, which many nations lacked. In contrast, the crossbow was the first projectile weapon to be simple, cheap and physically-undemanding enough to be operated by large numbers of conscript soldiers, thus enabling virtually any nation with sufficient coin to field a potent force of ranged crossbowmen with little expense beyond the cost of the weapons themselves. This led to the ascendancy of large mercenary armies of crossbowmen (best exemplified by the Genoese crossbowmen), and the eventual death of the heavily armored aristocratic knight as armies became progressively dominated by conscripts equipped with increasingly-powerful ranged projectile weapons.

In modern times, although largely supplanted by firearms in most roles, crossbows are still widely used for shooting sports, hunting,[2] and when shooting in relative silence is an important consideration.



-Mas...para todos? Para mim tambem?-disse ela com o olhar mais triste do mundo.
-Nao! Achas?
-Para ti e exactamente o oposto...E mais "Nao te afastes. por favor"
Para ti e para quem, mesmo nao estando, esta sempre aqui, pertinho de mim- disse, sorrindo.

-E tens saudades? Desses que nao estando aqui, ja nao estao perto?
-Muitas! De algum modo, eles vivem em mim.. Sem eles nao sou quem sou. E tenho pena de nao partilhar aquilo que tenho, com quem me ajudou a ter...E tenho medo, de me esquecer deles...

Mas no fundo, esses que foram mas nunca partiram, sabem que ainda estao ca.

"Can miles truly separate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?"

Richard Bach


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"I can't keep defeating myself
I can't keep repeating the mistakes of my youth..."


Don't want you dead

In the grace of your love
I see you shining inside
In the grace of your love
No one can ever die..."


"We make some noise inside our room and call it art
Don't worry if it's a cold night, cause we all go up in flames
We fall heavy but we're so light
So leave the door wide open..."

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Its such a waste,
of all
that we have...


"Pelas imagens de Miguel C. Tavares e Rui Manuel Vieira, Antes Era Assim guia-nos pelo desconhecido. Uma viagem sem destino, marcada pelo ambiente inóspito e a incerteza no seu desfecho."