quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014


"So here we are under London's glass and granite arms as they reach for the half moon, me a blur of boldness and booze and the rusty-haired polka-dot breeze of you stands stuck to the street in cool shoes. What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go right? We could list all the good things and list all the bad things, but if we're all just vibration what difference does it make? My heart could be a stone, it's a sponge, it's a balloon, it's a lonely rock with a fiery tail, falling in your atmosphere, burning up and breaking down. So let our atoms melt together, let our nuclei converge. I want you now, and your conscience can be clear. My yesterday is dead, the present's an illusion, and tomorrow's just a nightmare away. This is our story, our movie. This is our rom-com, and it ends like this.

Without looking up, the girl cautiously takes the boy's hand. She steers herself then meets his gaze. The boy smiles. The girl surrenders. They kiss.

We pull away to reveal more lovers. In a long winter coat, a woman straddles a man on a wooden bench. Behind a coin-operated lavatory, two boys passionately embrace. Vague silhouttes sigh behind the steamed windows of a parked car. Two figures fumble in a phone box. There's a couple in every doorway and around every corner.

Snow begins to fall. We drift up into the sky and look down on the boy and the girl as they become tiny specks in a London street. We pull away further and further until London's gone, England's gone, Europe's gone. Now we're in space, watching the Earth as the sun rises behind it. Satellites orbit by. A billion stars surround us. We flow over the moon. Then we cut to black, and the credits roll.

I want you now, and now is all we can know.

Imagine we wake up tomorrow and nothing's happened. Think of what we'll never know. One night of love in a month full of doubt. Take my hand. Take my tongue. Let's run. Tonight can be a detour, a respite. I'm your busman's holiday, your much deserved night off. I'm your sensual sejourn. My heart could be a stone, my heart could be a sponge. This is the end. Ten years in the making, a decade of design. This kiss is Hello. This kiss is Goodbye."

quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014


"Don't you think we're something like God?
Angry, tempestuous, human?
We suffer from wide-eyed loneliness
In the sky

I have walked in Heaven
So must talk in Hell
The cruelty of godliness within us
Is his loneliness

Take me wherever you will go, far
To your mind, to your mine, to your street and to your sons
Where the people, and the eyes, and the cars are on fire
And your God cries love

I'm going out into madness to wander
I'm going to build a cell up in the clouds
And when the world it swims inside of me
Then I'm going to drown

My girl screams in the company of her bedsheets
While I talk with angel in the bar
I'll meet you in the shadow of Heaven
Tomorrow, or in some other life"


"This will be ours
’Cause we’re the the concept
And we’re the flawed
And we’re the answer
And we’re the stars
It won’t be long now
It will be ours..."

domingo, 20 de julho de 2014

sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014


"Where do you go
When the life slips from your eyes?
I'll never know
Why you smiled and waved goodbye,

quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2014


What if...

- Onde estavamos se não nos tivessemos conhecido?-pergunta-lhe ela, mais uma vez,

- Não sei. - responde-lhe ele, mais uma vez. 

E sorri, pensando que nesse dia. Nao foi so Ela que lhe apareceu.

Com Ela veio tambem Ele, mais tarde,  à medida que ele a ia conhecendo. 
Que nem ele proprio sabia que havia, debaixo D'ele, que ela  não conhece, e felizmente raramente volta...

- Mas duvido que fosse hoje quem sou - mas isso nunca lhe disse...

domingo, 6 de julho de 2014


Sabes que gosto de perfeição. Mas sabes também que acho que tudo o que faço pode estar bem melhor...

Também sabes que fui mudando. O mundo já não gira a minha volta. Ando por cá, a fazer o melhor que posso e sei. No entanto, não sei muito bem o que realmente o que ando aqui a fazer. E se calhar é isso que me leva a pensar que posso fazer bem melhor...Enfim.

A imperfeição começa no album da musica que te mando.  Chama-se pacífico (sim o oceano, repondendo a pergunta que sei que ias fazer), quando se devia chamar Atlantico. Esse oceano que, felizmente, foi o nosso melhor recreio.
Mas não se pode ter tudo. É o pacifico e se calhar até faz mais se sentido. Também eu estou mais pacifico...acho.

Acho porque já nada sei.  A idade trouxe-me mais dúvidas que certezas. E as que ainda tenho, lentamente vão-se desvanecendo,para se transformarem em (ainda) mais dúvidas.

A imperfeição que sou, afinal vai-se aperfeiçoando :).

Ouve enquanto lês, em repeat, ate acabares o texto. Por favor. Já sabes que  comigo raramente as coisas são lineares, mas mesmo assim gostas de mim não é? Esta é so mais uma. Afinal a beleza reside na diferença...

O texto que te mando não é perfeito. Até porque a senhora que o escreveu não nos conhece. Mas levou-me a lugares que julguei já não existirem...E só la cheguei a ouvir e a ler, em simultâneo.

Não espero que isto (não consigo encontrar uma expressão melhor) te leve aos mesmos recantos da nossa infância, que redescobri.

Mas que ao menos te leve aqueles que tu gostas mais.

Beijo enorme!

O teu mano!

Os meus irmãos

terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2014


"Mama there's wolves in the house

Mama they won't let me out

Mama they're mating at night

Mama they wont make nice

"They're pacing and glowing bright

Their faces all snowy and white

Bury their paws in the stone

Make for my heart as their home

They tumble and fight

And they're beautiful

On the hilltops at night

They are beautiful

Blazing with light

Is the whitest and the tallest and the biggest one

She's muscled and fine

When she runs

They're tearing up holes in the house

They're tearing their claws in the ground

They're staring with blood in their mouths

Mama they won't let me out

They tumble and fight

And they're beautiful

On the hilltops at night

They are beautiful

Blazing with light

Is the whitest and the tallest and the biggest one

All muscled and fine

When she runs

Mama there's wolves in the house

Mama i tried to put them out

And mama i know you're too wise

To wait till those wolves make nice"


Eyes wide shut #3


Eyes wide shut #2


Eyes wide shut #1