quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2014


"Don't you think we're something like God?
Angry, tempestuous, human?
We suffer from wide-eyed loneliness
In the sky

I have walked in Heaven
So must talk in Hell
The cruelty of godliness within us
Is his loneliness

Take me wherever you will go, far
To your mind, to your mine, to your street and to your sons
Where the people, and the eyes, and the cars are on fire
And your God cries love

I'm going out into madness to wander
I'm going to build a cell up in the clouds
And when the world it swims inside of me
Then I'm going to drown

My girl screams in the company of her bedsheets
While I talk with angel in the bar
I'll meet you in the shadow of Heaven
Tomorrow, or in some other life"

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